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Dragonball rpg series

2013-10-20 17:01:53 by SuperPottara

Sorry for not posting anything for a year but,
I started to make a serie.
It is a Dragonball/Mario Platforming game with some RPG battles included.
Episode 1 is on Newgrounds now.
But as I said a few times, it took a really long time to make it.
First of all it is my first platform game and I had to learn everything, but when I was almost finished with the game the program crashed when it was saving. So the computer deleted the file and I had to start over. But the second time everything went easier, I could fix some glitches and I think it actually looked better. So all in all it was not a really bad thing to crash. I hope it will not happen again though.

But here it is and I hope you will like it.

Dragonball rpg series


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2013-10-21 13:44:22

It's infuriating when things crash and your progress gets wiped, I know that all too well. The game is pretty good though, I look forward to seeing the next one too.